Communities for Work

The Communities for Work (C4W) programme is an EU funded project based within the City and County of Swansea.

Here is a brief explanation of what C4W is all about:

The Communities for Work, teamwork with some of the people furthest from the employment market and move them into employment through training and development opportunities.

With regards to the Communities for Work programme, the client must live in a Communities First cluster, and be postcode eligible, if aged between16-24 not be in education, employment or training (NEET), or if aged 25 or more they need to be unemployed or economically inactive (EI are eligible from day 1, on ESA or non-claimant) for 12+ months.

The programme is jointly delivered between the Job Centre Plus and the Communities for Work programme in Communities First clusters.  Working with Communities for Work could prove to be a useful additional resource to move people forward based on the client’s individual needs through a caseload approach.

Youth Mentor – ages 16 – 24yrs (NEETs) Contact Claire Hicks on 07887 055169 or email 

Adult Mentor – ages 25 – 65yrs (Long Term Unemployed / Economically Active – not claiming/ESA) Martin Smith  

Communities for work + – Ricky Simpson, Dave Edwards & Lindsey Martin01792 457025

Contact Triage Officer –  Lindsay Courtney on 01792 457025 or 07796 275458 or email for further information

DWP Advisor – Any age 16yrs+, Closer to Job Market, Lone Parent, ESA, etc

Contact – Chris on 077793656639 or Jan on 07966339649